Friday, 28 August 2009

Well.........hello strangers!!

Im sorry its been a while since I blogged - I have been through some personal changes (WTF did you expect from me!!!)

erm....well....I promised to get back to the story of the navy love rat....and I wont let you down, but I just wanna fill you in on whats been going on the last few months.....

1) The big news - the worst news - is that my son has been diagnosed with a rare heart condition called "wolff parkinson white syndrome". He's OK - it can be fatal, but mostly it can be controlled by drugs, or an operation. I dont fully understand it all at the moment - we have an appointment with the paediatrician in September and I intend to give him a full grilling the meantime, "spuds" is doing well and coping VERY well with it all - much better than his mother, im having a nervous breakdown inside, but im trying to hide it............

2) My BF has cheated on me twice in the last 4 months - I only found out about them both recently - they are both ex girlfriends of his back in Birmingham. Totally devastated. Not much more to say on this. We are still together, trying to work through not sure I want to work through it, to be honest, but until my son is better im afraid im taking the easy route and just getting on with things at the mo

3) Ive wound up my business - its not been performing too well, as we have had a rotten summer (weatherwise!) and ive not been able to get to as many fairs as I would have like because of my personal life. Im not sad about it - its had its time and im looking forward to new challenges.............

4) My latest challenge being that I am retraining - taking my career in a new direction......................ive only gone and got a part time job as a trainee fishmonger!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it - my boyfriend hates it - says its not feminine, but seeing as he has cheated on me I figure he can go f@ck himself frankly (well, instead of other people....)...............I like it. SO THERE!

5) Thats all now going to remove the blackhead strip from my nose and get ready for work. Hope you all well and OK - i will blog again asap - promise!!

Oh, and if any of you want to get in contact - - id love to hear from you!