Saturday, 16 May 2009

Aunty Beeb and The Watchdog....!!

"Aunty Beeb and the Watchdog" Sounds like a dodgy porn movie, no?!!!

Anyway, I desperation, after consulting the CAB, who couldnt/wouldnt do anything (in fairness, they are there only to ADVISE), I emailed Radio Kent, telling them that there were 2 sides to the Wilsons - that, yes, they were probably well on their way to making a squillion quid - but at the expense of their tenants..............

A very nice guy came out and interviewed me for the radio, it prob made good hearing - I sobbed all the way thru, i showed him the mould growing on the walls, and my horrid emails from the Wilsons and the radio journalist was wonderful......the story went out, and then things began to snowball (as things tend to do in my life.........!!)

Anyway, a week or so later (still no heating or hot water...middle of January now) BBC Watchdog emailed me and asked if I could go to Park Farm - which was a local new estate in Ashford that the Wilsons owned most of - to speak to other tenants who were also having problems (including one poor sod who had had his £700 deposit refused to be paid back because he had "painted the lounge the wrong shade of Magnolia........WTF???!!!)...of course, I couldnt get down there quick enough and sure enough Watchdog reported on them......

Well, the effect was amazing - within a week, my heating was repaired and equally as quickly I had handed my notice in on the house and told them to shove it "where the sun dont wanna shine" (or words to that effect...........!)

When I quit the house, the property inventory clerk came round, as they do - and I was WARY!! very WARY - id heard all the stories about how the Wilsons often found pathetic reasons not to refund someones deposit and I was ready for a fight...............sadly, I didnt get one!! The guy walked in, said "this is a Wilson property?" which I confirmed and he ran around the house, told me everything was fine, that things were "in place" to make sure the Wilsons couldnt treat tenants so badly in the future, and left - easy as pie!!

Long and short of it, I found a gorgeous new flat in Folkestone, with sea views and a fitted kitchen and NO MOULD!!!! My dream crib!!

Anyways...gotta go.....dinner to do, but next time I will tell you about the new man in my life (who turned out to be a new woman!) and how my son and I ended up sleeping rough on the beach because of him, err......I mean her...........

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