Friday, 8 May 2009

Smoking is bad for you....

So anyway - there i am, the council had moved me to the roughest part of Ashford, but I was soo glad to get outta that house (which did end up being repossesed, by the way) that i wasnt even bovvered - new flat, new start. Simples.

Life was pretty good there actually - my flat (actually a maisonette, with two HUGE bedrooms ) was spacious, my neighbours were lovely - a german couple on one side who didnt really say much but always smiled and a younger couple of newlyweds on the other - very friendly, they were. We had a top floor flat, which did give us wonderful views over the Kent Countryside, and if the lift was either broken or had kids pooing in it or teenagers sh*gging, well that didnt matter either coz there was a staircase - and to my mind I needed the exercise anyway!!

So we settled in, me and my son, Arnie and Daphne had long since passed, but we were blessed with a house rabbit called Allie, who used a litter tray and attacked people when you opened the door to them (handy when you live on such a rough estate!) My son started school and I met a fella (possibly one of the shortest relationships in history - one day ((IE just after our first date in the local Wetherspoons)) he took me out on the balcony and announced that he was a "smoker". Yuck, I thought, followed by "well as long as he doesnt do it in the house, or near stu, then I will learn to live with it". Unfortunately when he told me that he was a "smoker" I hadnt realised he meant the "wacky backy" and was horrified when I found him the next day on the balcony outside my flat stoned out of his head at 3.20pm just as I was walking stu home from school. So that ended that. Not one of the great romances......!!

It was hard but I managed to save a few pennies from my wages at the old peoples home and took stu on holiday to Butlins at Bognor - we got a single parent discount and had a great time - except there was this one couple who had about 5 kids who decided that because I was a SINGLE PARENT I must be REALLY LONELY and they basically stalked me the whole week we were there......I couldnt go to the bog without the mother putting her arm through mine and asking if I WAS OK? or if I was LONELY? or asking if I was bored ON MY OWN?! Like I was some suicidal nutter or something (thank god she hadnt met me two years before....!!!!) Anyway, despite the stalking, it was a great holiday and I will always remember it as the time my stu made his stage debut - he fell in love with the show the Blues Brothers that the redcoats put on everynight and he turned up for every performance, front row with his black shades on and wouldnt take them off. In the end the inevitable happened and they had him up on stage for one of their numbers - im still busting with pride to this day!!!! Thanks to all the Redcoats - you guys work bloody hard and we had an awesome time..xx

My parents, as ever, were supportive in their own way - mum bought stu and I tickets for Disneyland Paris on Valentines day - its not like I had to wait in for the Postman! I will never forget this trip- mainly because it was so bloody cold (there was ice on the lake around the princess castle!) but also because it was the first time I really laughed hard since the biological one and I had split up - we went on some pirate boat ride and stu really enjoyed it until it came to the last bit, when the boat goes down a small "waterfall". Well, stu flipped out!! He stood up and shouted to everybody to get off the boat "OH No! We are IN DANGER EVERYONE" I hardly noticed the waterfall - was trying not to pmsl and what with all the french ride attendants screaming "assez vous assez vous" (or something like that!) and trying to cling onto stu, it was a hell of a ride! Not quite as bad as when he got out of his bumper car to thump the french kid that "bumped" him, but nearly........!

So yes, although we were evacuated from our flat nearly every night because some tosser fell asleep with the chip pan on and although I (briefly) dated a pot head, and you couldnt use the lifts because of the sh*gging and the pooing, it was good times here......i genuinly have nothing but fond memories............

Then I met the love of my life (well, he was at the time.........!!) and my world got turned upside down...................

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